Vitra Campus + Basel

Vitra Campus + Basel

Basel, Europe, Switzerland
Friday, October 10, 2014

Right after visiting Ronchamp we head over to the Vitra Campus in Weil am Rhein, Germany, where the Vitra flagship store and production facilities are located. The Vitra Campus boasts a series of buildings designed by world renown architects, from Zaha Hadid to SANAA, occupying a variety of programs. We were able to tour the private production area with a guide who told us about the companies’ history and a couple facts about each building. The campus’s fire house by Zaha Hadid, for example, was her first completed building. After the tour of the were able to walk through the VitraHaus, a mix of a showroom and a grown-up kid’s paradise. You enter the building and take an elevator to the top, similar to the Guggenheim, then wind your way down through the 12 stacked “houses.” You can sit in all the chairs and basically touch everything, sort of like at Ikea, but this was better. It was insanely fun. I wish I could just point at stuff and have it all magically appear in my (non-existant) home.

After the Vitra Campus, we hopped back on the bus en route to Basel. We had been in three countries that day which to me was really cool, but was later disenchanted when I told a Swiss guy in line for a bar about my day and he’s like “That’s totally normal here.” I was like, “Well… I was at La Tourette this morning. SO yeah.” which to a ‘regular’ person means basically nothing. If he studied architecture he would’ve definitely been impressed, but he worked for a company that imports cigars. Boooring. Anyway, I was in three countries in one day and that made me feel cool I don’t care how commonplace it is for Baselians. (What?Baselites, Baselanders… haha)

There was more pretty cool architecture to see in Basel, including a whole bunch of Herzog and De Meuron projects. We saw the Signal Box, Messe Basel, the Schaulager, and the building they designed that holds their offices. And that’s just a handful of project in Basel, they seem to be all over the city…

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