Valle dei Templi, Agrigento, Sicily

Valle dei Templi, Agrigento, Sicily

Agrigento, Europe, Italy, Sicily
Tuesday, December 30, 2014

I’ve always dreamed of going to Athens and climbing the Acropolis to the Parthenon. Well, really hasn’t any architecture student? It’s traditionally been a stop on architect’s grand tours, it’s old as architecture can get, and it’s massive. So when I heard there were ancient Greek temples in Sicily, I kinda just thought “what?” Well, we all know that the Greeks were a seafaring culture, so maybe I shouldn’t have been so surprised that they inhabited the island and a large part of southern Italy starting in the 8th century BC. (Thanks Wikipedia)

The “valley,” that I immediately realized really wasn’t a valley once I got there, is commanded by a series of Doric temples. The orange clay, olive trees, cacti, and very sparsely leafed plants along with the temples in the distance transported me back in time. Later on, these building were appropriated by different faiths, burned to the ground, or/and crashed down to rubble due to earthquakes and disrepair. Some have been partially rebuilt to give visitors an idea of their grand scale.

This isn’t the only time we encountered Greek architecture in Sicily, but I’ll be sharing that later… Stay tuned.

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