Sunday, May 21, 2017

I’m going to make a 100% statement: Fans are a completely under appreciated accessories here in Miami. I truly don’t understand why everyone doesn’t own one with the sweltering heat we deal with every summer.

Whenever I go out, I take my Spanish fold out fan that I got in the streets of Barcelona or I regret that I forgot to bring it.

The impact of a fan is palpable. The second you whip one out people pause and are totally intrigued, sometimes even striking a “wtf” face. Before you know it they’re very jealous of your ultra-green hand-powered, on-the-go micro-climate creator.

Being completely serious, someone (and I wish it was me… maybe I’ll do it) needs to set up a fan pop-up shop and sell them at all the hotspots in Miami. Hit up the Miami Flea with a bunch of fans, set up on Miami Beach with luxury fans handmade in Spain. Things like that.

The fans that I have pictured here are the first in my growing collection. As you can tell I love the idea and practicality of these pieces, but these transcend practicality. The painted touches, the woven and died natural materials make them beautiful too.

As I mentioned before, the first fan is from my first trip to Barcelona. It’s tattered, dirty and broken because it is my main going out fan (updated: I broke three blades last night, refer to infographic at the end). I use it when I go to concerts, bars, almost anywhere. I have been meaning to replace this one with a more stylish piece but I have not come across it just yet. I’ve though of buying a smaller one because it will fit in my purse much better than this one, which is about 7″.

Fans 2 and 3 are from a market in Nicaragua. They’re made of dried and woven grasses. They’re incredible because they work so well and they are big enough to work as sunshades as well. The shadows the small holes cast on your face create for another layer of fabulosity.

The last fan I happened upon at a zine fair out in West Kendall. The seller had quite a few fans for sale, mainly of Japanese influence. Most of them were plastic and had cartoon characters on the mount, but the one I picked was a little more refined.

The fan I bought from him has these markings on the bamboo and I love the way the bamboo was split to create the support for the patterned fabric. The fan is pulled taut by a second bamboo that is threaded through the handle. I love the pattern on the fan but honestly I am afraid to take it out and break it on accident. I’ll have to find another before I risk damaging this piece!

I’m looking forward to sharing more with you all through this series. It combines the objects that I love, storytelling and photography. It’s like the perfect project for me. Soon I’ll be sharing my next set of images featuring another one of my favorite accessories.



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    Well written article, You go girl! I love fan too

  • Wonderful piece in favor of a forgotten accessory in these modern and fast times. Yes, we should use it to enjoy more the outdoors with longer strolls during summer time…

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