What’s In My Backpack

What’s In My Backpack

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

My backpack has been with me all over. It’s covered in memorabilia of places I’ve been, and gifts my friends have given me from their travels. My favorite, which you actually can’t see in the picture, is a keychain of the Tate Modern that I bought on my first visit to London. I love how every time I see it, it triggers the memories of walking through the huge turbine hall, and seeing live installations in the tanks. I’ve come very close to losing the backpack while on a trip to Costa Rica where I forgot it, along with the iPad, DSLR, and makeup that was inside it, after leaving it in a rental car. I was about to enter security when I thought, “Wait… I’m missing something…” Luckily, a family friend saved my life and was able to get it to me within a couple of days. Through thick and thin, “the backpack” has been there, holding all the things that get me through the day.

I wanted to share what I keep in my backpack, but while I was writing this I realized: I am a hot mess… I didn’t realize how much I prepared for disastrous situations (headaches, sickness, nausea, etc). Anyway, I hope you enjoy laughing at my pain throughout this post and then share with me what you carry in your travel backpack/purse/etc!

  1. Sunglasses: I keep two pairs because I’m bound to lose one, so I have a backup… I’m notorious for losing sunglasses, well, actually losing things in general…
  2. Emergen-C: Because I get sick at the most inconvenient times ever.
  3. Kleenex: These packs are lifesavers, plus they’re fashionable, haha. Unexpected runny nose? Sweaty forehead? Spill something on your dress? Boom, Kleenex.
  4. Compact: Very handy for on the go touch-ups.
  5. Floss: Theres nothing I hate more than having something stuck in my teeth, so this is great for treating those dental emergencies and preventing embarrassing situations. Also, my dentist told me I should floss more, soooo, yeah.
  6. Tylenol: Hey, you never know when a headache is going to keep you from having a good time! (or when a good time (for example: partying a little too much) gives you a headache )
  7. Sewing Kit: I had a horrible wardrobe malfunction while watching the Lion King on Broadway earlier this year. UNFORTUNATELY, I didn’t have my backpack at that moment and I definitely learned my lesson. Luckily, I had a jacket and my hotel was a block away so I ran over to the lobby and got the very sewing kit that is pictured here. As you can see, it’s been well used since.
  8. Neosporin: In case you can’t tell already, random sucky stuff happens to me a lot because I’m accident prone. I like to think of myself as a very observant person, but my injury track record says otherwise. I carry Neosporin because I’m not trying to have a little cut turn into gangrene when I’m supposed to be having a good time traveling. (Was that a little extreme? haha. I’m being serious tho) Extra tip: the neosporin with pain relief + is the bomb, get that one.
  9. Dramamine: To add to the series of unfortunate events, I suffer from severe motion sickness but I’m not going to let that keep me from having fun. Pop a dramamine, and I’m good to go.
  10. Eye Bra… JK, Eye Mask: If you didn’t know what that was you probably thought it was a bra just from seeing the picture. Admit it. I think this is great to travel with so you can catch some shut eye anywhere you’re at, day or night, bus or train. The darkness also helps improve your quality of sleep so you’re better rested for a another day of fun.
  11. More dramamine: ‘Cause truthfully sometimes just one isn’t enough. Charter bus rides? Backseat of cars? Ferry ride? Les do it.
  12. Nail polish (Essie “Russian Roulette”) and Seche Vite: This is something I keep due to wishful thinking. I love having my nails painted, its purty, so I keep these around just in case I want to freshen up my look.
  13. iPhone Charger (Pictured with cool USB converter): Because iPhone/Instagram/iMessage.
  14. Pictures and cards from my friends: It’s good to reminisce sometimes so I keep this stack of pictures from my 23rd birthday celebration in my backpack. This pics just make me so happy!

This is my “survival kit” not including my iPhone and an extra set of contacts. Very, very important. What do you keep in your travel bag? Do you think I’m being a little “extra” with all this stuff? Let me know!

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