The Ruin City of Pompeii

The Ruin City of Pompeii

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Pompeii surprised me to the say the least. I’m not 100% sure what I expected from it but it was much more expansive and beautiful than I ever imagined. I guess I expected rocks scattered across a field and some suggestion of walls like other ruins, but there was so much more there than that.

For centuries Pompeii was hidden underneath layers of ash and rock that were first blasted kilometers into the atmosphere and then hailed right onto the great ancient city. The buildings, the objects, and the people were all encased and preserved in the gravel rain. While it is hard to distinguish what used to be a home from a bar, or a workshop from a military dormitory, the ruins are indelibly marked by human civilization and art in amazing ways. The stone streets bear scars from hundred of years of carts rolling along the same paths and the homes boast beautiful painted murals that even after the volcano’s blast are bright and abundant around the city.

I didn’t expect to see this human touch that ruins normally lack due to scale or age. In Pompeii, you are able to experience the scale of city life 2000 years ago and imagine yourself in it, which is truly a unique experience.


From Naples train station, take the Circumvesiana to “Pompeii Scavi.” A very short walk will lead you right to the entrance to the ruins! Unfortunately (for me), there is only a discount for EU students, so it costs 11 Euro to get in. Take a bottle of water and a hat if you’re going over the summer!

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