The Best of Budapest

The Best of Budapest

Budapest, Europe, Hungary
Friday, March 27, 2015

It’s very appropriate that my last stop was Budapest because it turned out to be my favorite city of the whole trip. It is definitely in tight competition with Amsterdam, but Budapest had warmer weather, the exchange rate was advantageous for me, and the nightlife was crazy!

I stayed at an amazing new hostel called Maverick City Lodge for a very low rate and did my first free walking tour. After the very comprehensive 3-hour walking tour, I regretted not trying this tour group out before! Our guide seemed to know everything about Budapest and she was actually really funny. Also, I made some Brazilian friends on the tour who I stayed with to grab lunch and then went ice skating with at the City Rink. I also tried out the pub crawl tour for about 9 Euro and was led to a never-ending series of ruin bars, the typical style bar in the city. (Warning: This tour is very touristy but hey, it’s fun! Lots of people down to party, haha.) These ruin pubs are literally what they sound like, a building that was destroyed during the war period and never restored until a young entrepreneur decided, “hey, lets sell alcohol here.” And I must admit they’re a hit. The bars were packed, even on a Monday night, and had the kind of cool, relaxed vibe I love… Some also serve amazing food! Instant was a minute walk from my hostel, Szimpla was huge, and I went to a couple more that I admit I can’t remember what they were called because beer… Haha!

Budapest’s main draw for a lost of tourists are actually its thermal and medicial waters. “Buda” actually means water and the city earned this name because it sits on countless springs. The springs were accessed and pools built around them where locals and tourists alike frequent the spas. In fact, visits to the baths are actually covered by insurance for older citizens who have been prescribed a weekly soak by their doctors! I wish we had something like that in Miami…

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