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Friday, January 09, 2015

About an hours drive from Catania, you’ll find Taormina, a small town precariously perched at the top of an outcropping along the sea. We drove as far up as we could, basically until it started to get to foggy to see, and then walked down along a path full of colorful lizards and cacti. At the bottom we found a busy street, for Monday in Italy standards, and set of looking for some of best cannoli in Italy. We made a big mistake because they were closed on Monday’s but really we must’ve had the second best because the one’s we found were incredible. I’ll be sharing a picture of it in a future post, along with all the other decliious food I had while on the island…

Since we were very close to Messina, the closest city to the mainland, and very high up we were at we could actually see southern Italy’s coast off in the distance. But the best view, probably of the trip was from a Greek theater looking into the island and directly at Mount Etna. It was perfectly framed by the theater, visible right behind the stage. When the volcano erupts, there are viewing parties from this theater and I’m sure there’s almost nothing that can compare to that kind of experience.

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