Sultan Ahmet Camii

Sultan Ahmet Camii

Europe, Istanbul, Turkey
Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Blue Mosque, or Sultan Ahmet Camii, is one of two mosque found on either end of Sultahnamet Square… and the most beautiful mosque in Istanbul, at least in my opinion. While it is smaller in scale than it’s neighbor, Hagia Sophia, it makes up for it with its intricate interior detailing. The rounded vaults radiate from the central dome and are painted with beautiful blue and red geometric paintings and verses from the Quran. Light pours into the space from hundreds of stained glass windows aided by huge chandeliers that hang from the ceiling down to just above the carpeted floors. The building is an architectural feat and a must see while you are in Istanbul!


Visiting the mosque is free but just be aware of prayer times. Women will need to cover their heads with a scarf and everyone must remove their shoes upon entering. At the visitor entry, at the rear of the mosque, you can borrow a scarf and they also offer bags to hold your shoes in while you are inside the mosque.

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