Sightseeing in Athens

Sightseeing in Athens

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Sunday, July 05, 2015

Athens is an incredible sprawling city. From the top of the Acropolis you’ll see an endless landscape of white homes as far as the eye can see. The size of the city is a bit daunting mainly because most visitors just stop through on the way to the Greek isles. I only spent about a day and a half in the Greek capital with my family, and though we spent it mainly in the tourist stomping grounds near the Acropolis, I can’t complain about the delicious food, sightseeing, and amazing weather we encountered.


Walk through the Acropolis and visit the incredible marble temples

Enjoy dinner and an evening stroll in the colorful Plaka neighborhood

Catch an open air movie at Cine Paris!

Take a sunrise hike up Lykavittos hill for the best views of Athens

People watch in Monastiraki and shop in the Flea Market

If you’re down for a beach day take the tram from Constitution Square and pick one of the many beach clubs on the coast


Greek salad – duh – chopped vegetables, feta cheese and olives doused with a generous helping of olive oil and sprinkled with oregano

Gyros – another obvious AND delicious choice

Chicken/Lamb/Beef souvlaki – Charcoal grilled meat served with a pita and vegetables or as a platter

Spanakopita – I ate more than my fair share of this spinach pie, and it was so worth it

Baklava – Sweet buttery flaky goodness… need I say more?


If you’re a budget/young traveller, hostel City Circus Athensis a great choice and has great vibes. This hostel boasts an amazing roof terrace with a spectacular view of the Acropolis!

When I was with my family, we rented an apartment in Kolonaki, a great neighborhood just next to Lykavittos hill.

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