Cattedrale di Siena

Cattedrale di Siena

Italy, Siena
Sunday, August 23, 2015

What a dream this place was.

Living and traveling in Italy, you’re bound to venture into a lotttt of churches. While I’m a super fan of German churches, I just can’t deny the beauty of Tuscan cathedrals. Santa Maria di Fiore’s beautiful striated marble exterior is a must see (and must climb.) Pisa’s duomo and it’s colonnaded façade and double-leveled interior can’t be missed. Outside of Tuscany, my personal Genoese favorite is the lush and encrusted baroque Gesu. Who can forget the gold mosaics of Monreale in Sicily?? There are just so any beauties but I think I might have visited the most beautiful one: Siena’s Cathedrale di Santa Maria!

Just a short walk from Piazza de Campo, you’ll find the the black and white marble striped exterior of the Duomo. If you’re lucky like me, you’ll go the wrong way and get a grand view of the back of the church.

It’s façade boasts white marble, golden mosaics, stained glass, and an incredible amount of statuary. This is a preview of the grandness of the interior. The striped marble motif continues to the interior colonnade, the floors are intricately inlaid designs, and all the ceilings are painted with beautiful detail.

My personal favorite were the starry groin vaults of the nave and side aisles. The blue is so rich and they’re accented by golden stars affixed to the ceiling. I wish I could have a small room like a an office or library with a ceiling like that!

Another gem within the church is the Piccolomini Library. Deep reds, blues, and greens were the key colors used in the fresco which were accentuated by gold leaf detailing. Honestly, just check out the pictures below. The space is used to display equally beautiful illuminated texts.

Siena’s Cathedral is a must-see stop on a tour of Tuscany, I promise it will not disappoint!

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