Saturday in NYC

Saturday in NYC

New York City, NY, USA
Sunday, April 10, 2016

Saturday is museum day so we started by fueling up at Egg in Williamsburg. All I can say is that I had the best challah french toast in my life at this place. 10/10.

After a brisk walk through the rain and a subway ride, we made it to the MoMa. The main show we wanted to see was A Japanese Constellation: Toyo Ito, SANAA, and Beyond. The show was great and full of awesome models and drawings. Japanese drawings always have a tell that gives them away as being Japanese… I’m still not sure what it is exactly, but they do always use very similar scalies.

I also got a selfie with my main chick. We’re bffs now.

After the MoMa, we did a pit stop at Chelsea Market to grub on some amazing food. We tried some focaccia at an Italian place, this amazing middle eastern treat called Halva which I had never had before, and just got wafted through all the amazing smells as we passed them. It would be amazing to do a full on food tour in this place, trying something here and there.

The highline is always a great idea but I couldn’t help but reminisce to my summer trip to New York when everything was in bloom.

First time at the Whitney was cool. Fun fact: They’ve got the largest columnless gallery space in all of Manhattan. Cool stuff. The view from the terraces in amazing.

Is it time to grub again? Off to East Village to *finally* try out some of David Chang’s amazing food at Momofuku! I have been totally obsessed with him after watching The Mind of a Chef. I’ve watched the noodle episode maybe 6-7 times. Confession: I love noodles.

Look at this. I was so absolutely omg excited to eat it I took this terrible photo. Whatever. It was awesome.

Couldn’t skip out on the Milk Bar tho!

It was pretty cold but I couldn’t miss out on the cereal milk soft serve! These guys did something magical to the cornflake topping. So perfectly crunchy and a mix of sweet and salty. Go there. Eat a corn cookie too. Wow.

A belly full of ramen makes for a sleepy traveler. Took a disco nap back at the hostel and we were off again!

We checked out Fat Cat on Christopher St, this hilarious underground teenage-basement turned bar. The space is packed with pool tables, ping pong, and shuffle broad and each table has a deck of cards or chess board to play with. You reserve your turn to play by getting a ticket and waiting for your number to show above the bar. We got there around 11 and there was basically no chance at reserving a turn to play. Womp womp.

Moving on, last stop of the day. The Standard Biergarten, under the Highline. I’m ashamed I don’t have any pics of the place cause it was so cool! The first thing you do is buy a ticket (or two or five) that can get you a drink or food anywhere within the Biergarten. They’ve got all kinds of German fare and some really cool beers. I had already tapped out for the night so I wasn’t drinking, but I did try (read: eat like half of) a huge pretzel. It was salty and delicious.

That’s the end of day two in NYC! Seriously, the craziest trip I’ve taken in a while! I don’t know how we packed so much into the weekend!

Stay tuned for the final installment of this NYC series!

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