Samana, Dominican Republic

Samana, Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic, Samana
Wednesday, September 20, 2017

We returned to Samana 4 years after our first visit for another taste of the idyllic beaches dotted with palms and speckled with the nicest shells you’ve ever seen. We spotted a lot os honeymooners and older couples, but we were here for some family R&R, 4×4 treks through the wilderness and endless swimming.

The beaches on the northern coast of Dominican Republic are almost endless. A haven for surfers, the Atlantic serves up great waves on even the sunniest of days. It might not be the best spot for people who like to wade in shallow waters, but I can’t compare the beauty of the sunset walks we took along the beach to anything else I’ve experienced.

In any case, my family stayed at a hotel called Sublime, where a huge wading pool bisects the property and is bookended by 2 larger pools. We spent most days between the pool and the beach, logging 18 hours in our suits with zero complaints.

Both times I’ve visited, I’ve been greeted by some of the darkest night skies. So dark you can see the haze of the milky way slashing across a blanket of stars. Impressive is the only way to put it.

There is still a lot I haven’t seen in Dominican Republic, but I wouldn’t turn down another weekend in Samana for anything.

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