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Saturday, October 04, 2014

On the way to the Vitra Campus from La Tourette, we made a very quick stop at Notre Dame du Haut, which is commonly referred to as Ronchamp. This church is a prime example of Corbusier’s aesthetic later in life. I like to describe this building as being “anti-perfection” because of its painterly nature; its walls vary in thickness and are punctured by a series of varied size holes that emit colored light; the roof seems to lightly float above the walls despite its mass, and the texture of the beton is rough and paste-like. I made this comment to my professor and he pointed out a sort of pool behind the church that held three platonic solids, and it seems like Corbusier confined ‘perfection’ solely to that pool. The massive pieces separately achieve a sculptural quality that come together to create a church that requires time and reflection to try and ‘figure out.’

We only had about an hour at the site so I feel like I barely had the time to sketch, but I added a small one at the end of the post anyways. It is a very small sketch I drew so I could redraw it later on…

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