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Friday, November 14, 2014

This is the second time that I visit Rome, both times for about four days, but I really think I’m missing something… Maybe it’s the Roman ragazzo that will show me the ‘right’ places to grab a drink and secret look out points, while riding on his Vespa. Maybe they’re blinders so I don’t see the huge groups of tourists? (A little hypocritical). Or maybe because I seem to forget I’m in Italy while there. Honestly, I think I still need some time to get to know Rome, but until then I’m going to get to know the lesser known locations, where I think one can find more authenticity in food and the everyday…

It feels like the rain in Genoa is never going to stop. Since a massive storm last month came through and dropped almost 4 meters of rain in one night, the city has barely had a chance to dry off. And this isn’t just your regular rain. During the storm, flash flooding to the east of the center washed cars and mopeds away from their owners… and some cranes even ended up in the sea. The water almost reached the second floor in the lowest parts and caused an incredible amount of damage to buildings and businesses.

This past week, we have been under severe weather warning, and the appearance of two waterspouts off the coast was just the beginning. Two nights ago, a tornado touched ground at the port, lifting two containers as it went. Since I’m from Miami, and have to deal with hurricanes every year, I’m not too afraid of the weather but I’ve never experienced rain like this. Over the summer in South Florida, you can expect rain around 2 pm for an hour or so, and then it’s over. Here the rain is consistent and heavy, convincing me to stay indoors rather than soak another pair of sneakers.

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