While I was studying abroad in Genoa, my class was given an assignment to capture our experience of designing in this new city. I thought the best way to express this was by superimposing the image of the city with the image of the classroom. Getting the chance to design in a new city changed so much of what we knew about design and helped us understand the ultimate effect of context.

On a particularly bright day I made my way to the studio. I created a camera obscura in the classroom by covering the large windows facing the port with aluminum foil to prevent any light from leaking in. The next step was to poke a hole into the aluminum and hope for the best. Almost immediately the image of the port flooded the room. This method took many stages of trial and error to create the best quality image. Different diameters of the aperture and the external brightness affected the crispness of the image, exactly the way a traditional camera works. What I ended up capturing was the view of the port, the backbone of Genoa’s prosperity and a mirror to one of Miami’s greatest revenue producers.

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