Noise/Sounds: Online Exhibit


Noise/Sound Constructs

Architects are always searching for the characteristics that make a place.


Usually we are looking for visual clues, things like spatial organization, proportions, or material texture, but something that also adds to a space, or adds character, is sound.


A possible way to categorize spaces is by the type of sounds made there by certain types of people, instruments, or machines. I believe that every space is unique, or that there are auditory constructs, that you can apply to categories of places.


The museum, the casino, the piazza, they all have profiles that we can recognize or connect back to a certain experience.


These sounds take me back to a very specific point, not only a geographic location, but a period in my life. The same way that music can elicit emotions, these sounds transport me back to the moment they were captured.




These sounds are arranged in pairs that complement each other. They are related in a variety of ways, including similarity, location, and arena.


This is an ongoing project fueled by travel, curiosity, and awareness of environment. Enjoy.









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