#OnMyDesk 06/16/2014

#OnMyDesk 06/16/2014

Monday, June 16, 2014

The summer is heating up and all kinds of stuff is going on right now. I finally got to see one my favorites bands last week as well as seeing the Heat play the worst couple games of their lives against the Spurs, like miserable… The World Cup is in full swing and right now I’m watching the USA v. Ghana game aaaaand they literally just scored…


Next week, I’m going camping and the week after I’ll be in NYC, and about a month and a half after I’ll be in Europe. Things are moving fast and I’m loving it. I love when my life always feels like I’m on the move. I guess it’s something that I yearn for in most aspects of my life, always moving, very fluid, in flux, etc.

In preparation for all these activities, I’m trying to plan my weeks out and my posts. What I’ve learned so far in the blogging game is that it’s helpful to have posts queued up instead of just writing as things happen. It helps if you have a busy week, because you don’t have to worry about leaving your blog hanging. I also have another problem where I like to post the instant something happens, no waiting or letting things simmer and I am not happy with the quality of the post. I guess I just need some time and trial and error to get it right…

This weekend I pulled out my Italian “All Talk” and a hilarious book called “Hide This Italian Book,” haha. It includes all the words that “All Talk” won’t teach me. I really want to make listening to these lessons a habit so that I warm up to Italian again before being back in Genoa… I’ll let you know how that goes.

This is one of those rare moments where I really don’t know what to say, I’ll get back to you tomorrow with a new post 🙂

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