Chile, Santiago, South America
Thursday, April 06, 2017

As an avid reader/picker-upper of magazines with good looking covers, I often come across a couple duds or just things that aren’t my taste. Last week in NYC, a couple of friends and I head over to MoMA PS1 to check out the James Turrell installation, an artist who’s truly evaded me in New York, Las Vegas… and then in New York again. Meeting was unfortunately closed for restoration work (Ugh).

The trip wasn’t a whole waste.  In the lobby of the museum there was a small bookstore, ARTBOOK @ MoMA PS1. There were beautiful covers galore; internationally published fashion magazines, art magazines, artist books, self-published zines. I told my friends, “Please give me ten minutes to try and forget how disappointed I am at myself for not seeing  Aten Reign, Meeting, or Akhob.”

I wandered the store, picked up some stuff here and there and then came across a small, but thick, magazine titled “Mármol.”

The tagline caught my attention; “Formas de hacer, maneras de vivir.” Basically means “ways of doing/making, ways of living.” (Sounds way cooler in Spanish) I love these stories that give you an intimate view into peoples lives, something about the unfiltered day to day is so refreshing in the world of the “instagrammeable.” It gets even better when you flip through and get a quick idea of the people who they interview; a 70 year old man who’s been on the road for 40 years, the last 20 in a camper van; a 12 year old girl and the realm of her room; An architect who built his home in the hills of Chile’s capital. All of the stories, and the photos that accompanied them, were enchanting.

The stories are in Spanish, which forces me to slow down and take my time when reading. There are English translations of all the stories at the back of magazine, but I prefer to read the original text even if it does take me a little longer.

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