EAT | My Favorite Italian Pastry

EAT | My Favorite Italian Pastry

Europe, Genoa, Italy
Tuesday, January 20, 2015

I got back to Genoa a couple days ago and one of my first stops was the focaccia place that Gio and I are faithful to. I would tell you what it’s called but I really don’t know. The only signage it has is “Pizza Focaccia” and I highly doubt that is what it’s called.

As I walked up to the shop, I noticed these golden, sugar-covered cracker type things in the window along with the Nutella tarts that have truly failed to catch my eye. As I walked in to the tiny store, I scanned the counter and spotted a huge stack of the crackers with a sign that read “bugie.” I, of course, pronounced it “bougie” and was corrected to something like “boogi-EH.” I ordered due pezzi and un euro di focaccia and started home.

After enjoying my focaccia starter, I pulled out a bugie, cracked it in half, and tried my first bite… It was amazing.

Perfectly vanilla-y, flakey, buttery, doused in fine white sugar, and a hint of some other flavor I couldn’t quite place… It turns out that the dough is spiked with brandy or even grappa, giving it more flavor than just a sweet dough. I also tried to figure out why this was the first time I’d ever seen these around, and it’s actually a typical Christmas treat… or Easter… or actually a carnival right between both holidays? Well… Bugie also isn’t the only name this pastry has.

Bugie, Chiacchiere, Cenci, Frappe…. basically the same super delicious pastry made in slightly different ways in different regions of Italy. Either way, I’ll be sure to have my weekly share until the amazing bugie season is over.

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