LISTEN | Little Dragon LIVE

LISTEN | Little Dragon LIVE

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Friday, June 13, 2014

If I could make one large overarching statement about this concert it’s that the live performance totally gave new life to “Nabuma Rubberband.” Like I said in my previous LISTEN post, Nabuma felt like an album that I had to listen to while I was chilling out and relaxing. This concert proved that statement wrong. The crowd was jumping and dancing the entire due to an incredibly high energy performance provided by Little Dragon.

This coub describes it perfectly: A never ending happy dance to some pretty awesome music. The live incarnations were sped up and given a dance vibe that was very different to the album.

The set list covered mainly “Nubuma Rubberband” but they did some oldies.

Mirror // Please Turn  // My Step // Underbart  // Killing Me // After the Rain // Test // Crystal Film  // Pretty Girls // Shuffle A Dream // Ritual Union // Paris // Klapp Klapp // Cat Rider // Only One

Encore: Nabuma Rubberband // Runabout  // Twice

Twice was a special treat and My Step was a highlight of the night. I’m really glad I had a chance to see these guys live AND be so close to the stage. Their live performance is really led by Yukimi, the lead singer, and her absolutely incredible dance moves. If it was anyone else dancing the way that she dances I might be a little confused, haha. But she owns it, and I love it.

This was one of the best concerts I’ve ever been too and the anticipation to see them really gave me chills the whole concert. Yukimi’s voice is amazing and the band works together so well live. If you have a chance to see them, DO IT!

They’re performing next at Bonnaroo where I REALLY REALLY WISH I WAS RIGHT NOW. But I’m not. Cry.


Miami’s music scene has been improving tremendously and we’re lucky to have such great venues. The places I’ve been over and over to see live shows are Grand Central and Bardot. I love Bardot because it’s so small and intimate, you can be on the carpet and jam out or just chill on a couch and listen. Grand Central is a great venue too and I’m glad it’s become more of a concert venue than a bar/club because it was just a weird scale for that. Also, about a year ago, they switched where the stage is and it has made the experience a lot better. Can’t forget the Fillmore for concerts, really great space with great sound.

What are your favorite venues? Which bands would you NEVER miss live?

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