LISTEN | Little Dragon’s “Nabuma Rubberband”

LISTEN | Little Dragon’s “Nabuma Rubberband”

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Sunday, June 08, 2014

If I had to pick a favorite band I would have to say Little Dragon. Since I started following them in 2011, I have been dying to see them and finally this coming week I will! This week, on June 12th at 10 pm (I’m really serious about this), I will be seeing them at Grand Central with a couple friends and I can hardly wait.

They’re in town promoting their latest album entitled “Nabuma Rubberband,” an album that achieves a darker and more mystical sound than before… it’s slower paced and more meditative. Little Dragon’s style has always been neo-electric, neo-soulful… It stands apart from all the music we’re listening to now but it changed for this album. A couple songs particularly stand out to me: “Pretty Girls” and “Killing Me.” To me they’re the high points of the album where the rest is just kind… equally good. Check out another one of my favs, ‘Paris'(bonus: awesome dance moves)

Even though I do enjoy listening to this album, my fav so far has to be “Machine Dreams” which was released in 2009… Seriously I wish I would’ve been listening to these guys when I was in high school. I feel like my life would be insanely different. (Maybe I’m getting a little carried away…) Best track? Feather. It’s hypnotic. Listen to this on a late night while driving home, preferably alone. And if you’re a little drowzy: even better. (I’ve noticed I like to set scenarios for when and where to listen to music. Hmm)

Another reason I like the band: Yukimi Nagano. Born in Sweden to a Japanese father and Swedish mother, she has a very soulful and sensual singing style, and when she speaks English she kinda sounds like she might’ve been raised on hiphop. The story goes that the band was named “little dragon” due to her fiery and quick temper. I like it. Little Dragon has a dramatic burst in popularity when they collaborated with the Gorillaz on a track called Empire Ants and that’s actually when I discovered them.

If you guys haven’t listened to their music, I HIGHLY recommend it. It might not be for everyone (that is if you have bad taste in music… I kid, I kid.) Enjoy!

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