LISTEN (and WATCH) | Emily King “Distance”

LISTEN (and WATCH) | Emily King “Distance”

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Just imagine this scenario: Your eyes peel open after an amazing night of sleep. You’re on a comfy, white bed… soft rays of light are shining down on your bed from mainly overcast skies while  a couple candles with burned out incense sit on your bedside table. You’re feeling heavenly and the air conditioning is at a perfect 75 degrees. That’s what this song feels like. And the video?

A visual feast.

That’s how I would describe it. The color palette is bright, but not overwhelming in the color usage. The subjects are unexpected but they just fit. My favorite part of the video is when the music is synced with the actions at 2:35. So good. The aesthetic matches Emily King’s soft, jazz-inspired vocals to the tee and I suggest you give her latest album “Seven” a listen, and “East Side Story,” which was nominated for a Grammy in ’07. “Distance” is part of her upcoming album, which does not have a release date just yet.

Before you go and watch the video, let me ask: What are your favorite music videos? Leave me  a comment.

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