Las Puertas del Raval

Las Puertas del Raval

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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Barcelona is known for it’s gritty-bohemian vibe. It’s shops, people, lifestyle, and walls ooze this attitude in the form of personal style, aged facades, grunge shops, and street art. El Raval, just east of La Rambla, is a neighborhood who’s inhabitants take this lifestyle to heart; the area is culturally diverse, very tattooed, full of vintage stores, boasts a large variety of gastronomic choices, and has two awesome museums: the MACBA and the CCCB. This barrio has seen better days but is now in a renaissance and is full of life, and the walls help tell it’s story. Well, really, it’s the doors. All the stores on the ground floor have a steel roll-up door, and whether the store owners like it or not, they end up covered in graffiti (or what I prefer to call it, street art). This creates an outdoor gallery of the street even when the shops are closed, a special treat for early risers or night owls.

Some of the doors were covered in wheatpaste while others have beautiful, and possibly commissioned, works on them. If you’re in Barcelona, and haven’t given the area a visit, be sure to find your way to the Raval, enjoy it’s awesome vibes and some free art while you stroll. Here’s a selection of my favorite doors!

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