FL, Miami, USA
Saturday, May 13, 2017

Kristen & Yashi were invited by one of the owners of Island Tribe to style some outfits at their Ironside showroom, aka the Bali Hut, and brought me along to shoot some pics!

Being that Ironside is our favorite place ever, I was pretty excited to have another opportunity to shoot at this location and in *the* most aesthetic of spots within the complex.

Island Tribe’s showroom features imported and beautifully aged Balinese doorways that were converted into clothing racks that hold all kinds of equally beautiful clothing. It goes without saying that the island vibe inspired the almost all white clothing selection. The items are also heavy in embroidery, beading, and lace.

Natural light poured in to the space and the curated plant selection was the special touch in all of the photos we took. I have to admit that I left there just dreaming of being able to cart all the cacti over to my place and living amongst them for ever and ever.

I love how the images turned out and it was such a treat to shoot the girls in this amazing selection of clothes… They make it so easy.

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