EAT | Homestead

EAT | Homestead

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Sunday, August 17, 2014

My sister and I are moving out in about a week and I don’t really know how my parents are going to take it… I’m guessing they’re going to be so sad and lonely at home that they’ll be depressed for a couple weeks. #Sike. Their home is going to be immaculate, no more kids eating all the food, peace and quiet at last. BUT until then we’re still all hanging out together and doing these mini-exploration trips. The car rides can get pretty… I’d say “animated,” but the destination is well worth it.

This weekend we were trying to decide between a beach trip or hitting up a farmers market. The Redland’s Farmers Market won for a couple reasons: we won’t have the sun bearing down on us for hours on end, we’ll pick up our produce for the next couple days, there’s delicious Mexican food, and we can end the trip with a stop at Robert is Here. I hadn’t eaten breakfast so I was hoping the drive wouldn’t kill me. It took us about 25 minutes from Westchester, so it wasn’t too bad. We scoped out a couple trucks and picked the one with the best ambiance; a brightly decorated tent strung with papel picado and flags. The food was awesome, to say the least. We ordered a barbacoa tostada, a couple tacos al pastor, and a beef stew along with limeade. After lunch, we walked around the stalls and picked up some fruit and vegetables.

I realllly wanted to buy a dragon fruit because I’ve seen so many pink pitaya smoothies online lately. I grabbed one and went over to the nearest attendant, a 12-year-old girl with long orange acrylics (she was fancy) who told me that they were $2 a pound. She weighed it, it came out to 0.75 lbs, and says “$2.” My mom and I look at each other like “……………….” but cough up the two dollars either way. We kind of giggle a bit like “You’re so funny…” but she just continued to look at us, emotionless, as if the scale had said 1 lb the whole time. She was so nice.

After grabbing a couple more things off our list, we set out in the direction of Robert is Here, about 20 mins south on US-1. I had never driven in this area of Homestead and it was crazy seeing how much stuff is out there. I guess like many Miamians, I sort of assumed there was just a whole lot of land and sporadic development, but US-1 is really the spine of the area.

The line at the Robert is Here fruit stand attests to the deliciousness of the establishment. We stood in line trying to not think about the sweltering heat and ordered a key lime shake (typical). When I finally heard them call out my number, “93!”,  I almost freaked (it was probably the heat) and had my first taste of the best shake ever. SO GOOD. The shakes only come in one size and I really think it’s big, so share! 4 people shared this, but 2 would be ideal. You know how some milkshakes are greasy? (Yeah gross) This one isn’t, it’s made with what they called “ice milk,” a combination of low fat ice-cream and yogurt. If you haven’t been out there, you need to stop by.

If you find yourself wanting to try something new, you should give these spots a try. I went out to Homestead twice this week, to the market and on Tuesday night to see the Perseids meteor shower. I can’t say I saw any shooting stars but I the sky is pretty outstanding out there.

Farmers markets, flea markets, and fruit stands are amazing places to shoot. There are so many colors and textures to capture, a visual feast. I hope you enjoy the shots 🙂


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