Friday, July 21, 2017

So my last collect post was about an accessory that helps you beat the heat… this one, maybe not so much. But you’ll look cool rocking it.

Ever since I was a little girl taking french classes and learning about baguettes and Paris, I have myself wanted to be a French girl.

As I’ve gotten older, that dream has only gotten stronger. It may be the envious French lifestyle and six-week vacation time, the fact that they stay trim and svelte no matter what, or the fact that ‘it’ girls are always French. Seriously, right now I’d kill to work in France, walk to work through a city with serious character and split a baguette with friends on a blanket.

Well… while that dream may stay a dream, I have, for what feels like ages now, stolen one of their accessories to give me an air of je ne sais quoi.

Silk scarves and handkerchiefs have been my favorite probably since high school (any sooner than that and I would’ve been too shy to wear something as daring as a neck scarf, oh my). As soon as you tie one on, it’s instant drama. Pair it with a white blouse (like @yashmula) and colorful flats and das it. A look.

Over the years, I’ve mainly picked scarves up at thrift shops. Seriously, one woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure. I dont’t know what it is about thrift shops, but they’re packed with scarves and handkerchiefs. Some of my best thrifted ones are even made of silk.

So where have I bought them you ask? Flamingo Shops, of course! THE spot for thrift shopping in Hialeah.

I first started visiting these thrift stores with my grandmother when I was a kid. Admittedly, I used to hate going, I thought everything was stinky and gross and there were weird people everywhere. I am now one of those weird people.

And I embrace it.

Over the years, Flamingo Plaza has changed dramatically; there are only two thrift shops, the best of the pair being Red White & Blue. Just thinking that name brings an images of me hiding in racks of dingy and stained multi-color polos. Oh, and that place is craaaaaazy packed on the weekends. In case you plan on visiting, bring a friend to make the line and a reusable shopping bag to carry your loot.

When I visit, I go straight for the glassware because I’m a milk glass fiend (COLLECT post coming soon for that) and then the scarf and handkerchiefs.

I’m telling you, everytime I go I find something bomb. My absolutely favorite is the pinwheel like scarf with eight different jewel tones. I just… fucking love it.

What makes it so amazing to me is that you can fold the scarf four different ways and have a different color palette exposed. It’s so cool. It’s French girl. It’s je ne sais quoi.

It’s comme ci, comme ca. It’s baguette. It’s an obsession for me.

Neck scarves for life.


Note: The black and white star scarf is not vintage. It’s from Urban. But I stole it from my sister and it’s mine now. Ha.

I couldn’t finish this post without shouting out LYNK Studio as the people to get cool vintage scarves without the endless search. These guys have awesome ones for you to pick from!

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