Getting Sick While Travelling Sucks… A lot

Getting Sick While Travelling Sucks… A lot

Europe, Germany, Munich
Sunday, March 01, 2015

On December 31st, at around 3 pm I started to get the worst stomach cramping ever. I said, this can’t be happening to me… It’s New Years Eve and I’m supposed to go out and have an amazing time tonight. Well, I tried drinking water, eating a bit, walking and just trying to forget about it, but none of that worked, my body was telling me it was time to turn down. This day marked a lot of firsts for me: first time getting really sick while traveling, first stomach flu (that I can remember), first time having to care for myself because my mom is 8,000 miles away. As soon as I got back to the apartment, it felt like the world was ending. I felt like I was burning up within the same minute I was cold and covered in goosebumps. And the best part about all this is that by this point everything was closed, pharmacies and grocery stores had shutdown for the day. I was trapped and all alone in the apartment that we had rented and nothing to do but wait.

Not going to lie, I was freaking out. I had all kind of (hilarious and) irrational thoughts, and was trying to think back at every single thing that I had eaten in the last 48 hours, wondering what could have caused this, in between heaves and cold sweats. As fireworks started to illuminate the sky to ring in the New Year, I was laying spread eagle on the floor, my vision spinning from nauseau, wanting to die. It was one of the most uncomfortable nights of my life, and my pain was not going to be alleviated until the next morning when luckily the pharmacies reopened and I stocked up on ibuprofen, imodium, and a couple more water bottles. It really wasn’t until the second that I was able to eat, not just because my stomach was destroyed, but mainly because everything that I could reach by walking was closed.

It was such a great way to end the week and a half we had spent in Germany. *sarcasm* To this day I’m not sure what made me sick, but the last thing I ate was a cheesecake pastry at a really cute café so I’ve been avoiding any triangular and cheesy food since. I’m feeling sick just thinking about it.

If I could give you my best advice, it’d be to have at least a pack of ibuprofen, some sort of rehydration supplement, an anti-diarrhea, dramamine, and even a thermometer in your travel kit if you want to be on the safe side or are traveling in a place or time that these will not be readily available to you. These are all useful for a variety of illnesses, but all together can help you make it through a stomach flu. The thermometer is also important to ensure you have not hit a dangerous temperature, in which case you would need to immediately go to the hospital. In my case, I’d determined I had a very high temperature by touch, but with the thermometer reassured me I was within a safe zone.

Well, this was my experience and I really hope you guys don’t have to go through any of this but if you do, I hope this helps you out! Just take it easy, don’t come to any irrational conclusions (though having a high temperature can do that to you haha), and carry a couple essential, multi-use medications on you!

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