From Barcelona to la Costa Brava

From Barcelona to la Costa Brava

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Monday, June 29, 2015

La Costa Brava, which begins just north of Barcelona and continues north until Spain meets France, is one of the most beautiful, and affordable, coastlines on the Mediterranean. A mix of large sand beaches, hidden coves, and rocky cliffs make up this idyllic series of resort towns. Each small town is connected by winding coastal roads and offer any kind of vibe you are looking for. Some towns cater to families while others offer both incredible seaside and nightlife. A little research will find you the perfect stop along the Spanish Riviera.

On my last trip to Barcelona, my family and I visited Lloret de Mar, Tossa de Mar, and Platja D’Aro. My personal favorite was Lloret de Mar because of the tiny cove called Cala Trons that we found while on the coastal hike. The hike, which can be steep at times, is so worth it because you’ll find so many perfectly scenic beaches with crystal clear water and, to top it off, you’ll be avoiding the crowds from the larger beaches. I highly recommend it.

Hiking path to Cala Trons

At Tossa de Mar, you can visit the larger beach or Platja D’Es Colodar, wedged between two flower covered cliffs and I’ve found there’s plenty of space to spread out even on busy summer afternoons.

If you have 4 days to visit Barcelona and want to work on your tan, you’re only an hour away from paradise. There are a couple of options available to you if you want to make the trip up to the beach:


  • There are regular buses departing from Barcelona’s bus station to a couple of the towns, including Tossa de Mar, a beautiful ancient town with several beaches and coves to choose from. You can read a detailed description on how to arrive by bus on a previous post here! The round trip is about €22 and I would recommend this option for solo or a small group of travelers on a budget.
  • Car rental is be the most convenient option for a family or larger group of travelers because you can split the cost of the rental. The main advantage is that you are not limited by train or bus schedules and can visit more than one beach within the same day. This is the option my father, sister, and I chose for this trip and we made it to three separate towns in one day! It was a great way to get a feel for the region and now we know which beach we’d like to visit for an extended trip next time 😉
  • Finally, I would not recommend traveling to the Spanish Riviera by train for a day trip. I was not able to find any convenient or affordable options.


Once you’ve chosen your beach town just don’t forget your beach towel, flip-flops, and sunscreen! Maybe it’s just me but the sun was unexpectedly strong even though I’m from Miami! I burned within the first couple hours! Also, the tiny stones on most of the beaches get **HOT** so get ready for that! Lastly, while you might be from somewhere where people need “personal space,” prepare to possibly overlap corners of your beach towel with your neighbors. For some Americans this comes as a shock, but it’s totally normal for Europeans who are used to smaller, or “cozier,” beaches.

Seriously guys, I think it’s so worth adding a day or two to a trip to Barcelona to visit this amazing coastline! It’s incredibly beautiful and one of the most affordable spots on the Mediterranean!

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