Frankfurt Palmengarten

Frankfurt Palmengarten

Europe, Frankfurt, Germany
Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Some of my favorite places to visit at botanical gardens. In fact, Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden in Miami is in my top five places in the world. It’s an incredibly lush garden with plants collected by David Fairchild, one of the most famous “plant explorers” in history. Wandering the garden’s never-ending premises brings me so much peace and joy, it’s one of my favorite activities. So when Gio and I were stranded in Germany between Christmas and New Years, I didn’t think I would find myself surrounded by all kinds of tropical plants, cacti, and even mangroves.

The Palmengarten is the #3 attraction in Frankfurt (according to Tripadvisor), and features a series of indoor enclosures, making it great to visit even when it is snowing. While we were there, there was a couple inches of snow of the ground, but the indoor exhibits warmed us right up. We wandered through a South American rainforest, an arid desert environment, and even mangroves! That really impressed me especially because they had native fish swimming amongst the mangroves arching roots. Some birds were also part of the exhibit, and flew around to their own accord. I’m a lover of giants palm fronds and big leaves, so I almost felt like I was home.

For about 8 euro, this is a nice 2-3 hour attraction to visit in Frankfurt. In general, Frankfurt is not a touristy town because it is actually more of a business center. It is nicknamed “Mainhattan,” due to its skyline and the river Main, and compared to the other German cities I have visited I wouldn’t knock the nickname. I haven’t seen that many “skyscrapers” in a European city possibly since I visited London.

So, I love botanical gardens… What are your favorite places to visit? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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