Flotsam + Jetsam

Flotsam + Jetsam

FL, Miami Beach, USA
Thursday, February 09, 2017

Designed by SHoP architects and supported by Branch Technology, Flotsam + Jetsam is a huge 3-D printed installation made for DesignMiami.

Beyond being really cool to look at, this is an awesome feat of innovation. Branch Technology’s objective is to take 3-D printing from small models to the full scale environments. This pavilion is a step in that direction as it served as the entryway for the DesignMiami tent. There were seats installed underneath the pavilions and as people walked by they couldn’t help but get closer and touch the unusual material.

I think this type of building method was a great choice by SHoP for Miami’s current tech climate. Some of the coolest spots right now are tech hubs for start ups, co-working/making spaces and companies that focus on custom and local fabrication.

You probably already know I’m an installation chaser, so check out on of my past faves, this cave-like space by Snarkitecture.

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