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Monday, May 08, 2017

Shooting film is a whole different animal. You really have to learn your camera and learn the film you’re shooting with… and even then the results might not turn out the way you expected.

While I’m still very far from hyper-manipulating the results of my film, I’m looking forward to the path of learning more.

First off, this shit ain’t easy, but I love the fact that all this different life can come from this process.

Cameras are different, the film is different, the lighting and subject is different. And finally, the photographer is different.

The film brings new life. Something about having a halfway exposed roll of film is so enticing, its like theres life in my camera ready to be re-lived. It’s almost pulsating with potential. And that’s what has separated the experience of shooting digital and shooting analog.

When I finish a shoot in digital, the images do not have time to rest on the memory card before I’ve shaken them up and dropped them into lightroom for editing.

I have so far been very picky about what I shoot on film. I think it has to do with how apprehensive I can be to do something so permanent? (Am I getting all introspective right now?) My latest roll has the distinct purpose of being for portraits (and so far including one of a dog, haha).

In this post are a couple of the “better” shots I’ve taken according to my untrained eye. In all honestly I don’t really know what specifically distinguishes a good and bad film photo… or if you should really judge it that way? I just like the way these turned out of the rest of the batch.

Do you have any suggestions as to what I should keep in mind when I shoot?

Which camera do you have and do you have a favorite type of film?

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