Don’t know what to do tomorrow?

Don’t know what to do tomorrow?

Biscayne Boulevard, Design District, Midtown, Wynwood
Saturday, August 09, 2014

Looking for something to do tomorrow (or any day) that involves friends (and/or family), food and good times? Well here’s what I did a couple Sundays ago with my family and I think you’ll enjoy it too. The perks to this trip:

  • You wont pay parking…
  • You’ll eat a whole lot of delicious foods…
  • You’ll finish with a nice cool beer!

Are you ready? Here we go! Plan to wake up at a decent time (aka 11?) Sunday morning because the first stop is…

Zak the Baker! 

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Start your trip by stopping by and grabbing two (2) of their delicious toasts with all kinds of delicious toppings! Order one with a savory spread and another one with a sweet topping… We ordered a slice of toast with a cinnamon date cream cheese spread and I wish I could’ve had ten… BUT we had a few more stops to go…

Now take a walk around the neighborhood and check out all the awesome graffiti… Many people only know Wynwood for it’s nightlife and never take a chance to visit during the day. There’s a lot more going on than you’d think and you can fully enjoy the graffiti in the daylight.

Next stop! Jugo Fresh…


Image from the New Times

After checking out all the walls, you’re probably dripping with sweat and just on the verge of heat stroke so its time to cool off with a delicious El Dragon! As you walk into to the wonderful air-conditioned island you’ll be welcomed by a wall of fans to start cooling you off. Once inside order your bowl and sit on the camo-upholstered pews. Layers of banana, granola, and a thick “super food” dragon fruit smoothie make this the perfect, and extra healthy, snack to cool off.

Time for a mid-trip pick-me-up: Coffee time at Panther Coffee!

Because it’s sunday, and you might’ve had a liiiittle too much fun last night you’re going to need a coffee. Get yourself a delicious espresso macchiato or one of those fancy pour over coffees that look really cool to prepare and I’m sure are just as delicious.


Maybe I should’ve mentioned this earlier but the key to this whole shindig is moderation, try a little bit here, a little bit there and you’ll have a good time. If moderation isn’t your thing, please continue and ignore that last sentence. Now, we’re taking a mini road trip and riding up and down Biscayne Boulevard to get a (before) view of a rapidly evolving neighborhood… Keep an eye out for motels, little restaurants, the new Ms. Cheezius, the Vagabond Hotel, and then take a quick stop at…

Flavorish Market!

We stopped here to check out all the gourmet foods and cute kitchenwares. They have all kinds of stuff; canned goods, fresh cheese, prepared foods to grab to go, and even Zak the Baker bread if you want to pick some up to take home. We noticed these awesome icecream sandwiches in their freezers and grabbed a couple…. Guys, I’m telling you these are the BEST ICE CREAM SANDWICHES I’VE EVER HAD. Forreal. You need to get one… or two because they’re sensibly sized and if you’re not feeling sensible you can have two.

I had the key lime pie and my sister had the vanilla chocolate sandwich, both were amazing, but the chocolate cookies in my sister’s sandwich tasted like brownies in cookie form. You’re going to look forward to this stop.

Now it’s time to head back to south down the Boulevard and put the cherry on top with some latin food and beers at…

La Latina!

This place is awesome not just because of the awesome food buttt because they’re open ’til 5 am on the weekends so skip Mickey D’s or Taco Bell and come here after a fun filled night. I’ve tried a couple things on their menu after having gotten the tip to come here from a friends and everything so far has been awesome. Their empanadas are fried to perfection, the rice is delish, and the arepas are bomb! They have vegetarian and vegan options for the arepas and I can personally vouch for the cheese and sweet plantain arepa: it’s fire. They’re also go beer here unlike the last couple stops, so if you’re into beer (who isn’t? grap a Becks or Polar here) Oh they also have these tequeño happy hours?? Like what?? Yeah, get on it ’cause they’re tequeños are super fresh (and cute!).


Last stop… The Social Lubricant…

Why? ‘Cause there are lots of comfy couches for you to crash on after trying all that awesome food (and more beer.) Now is the time to converse with your friends and argue about which place was best and who ate the most. (Also, if you ate the least you don’t win anything… you lost, big time. I’m talking to you Mom)

Hopefully this post inspires you to go out there and try these places! I had a great afternoon and was able to spend some quality time with the fam and try out a bunch of places I had never been to!

Have you been to these places? What’s your favorite thing to order?

Here’s a map to help you locate all the places I mentioned!

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