CreativeMornings/Miami: “Rebel” by Vanessa Garcia

CreativeMornings/Miami: “Rebel” by Vanessa Garcia

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

All photos courtesy of Catalina Ayubi


Are you a rebel? I like to think of myself as a rebel and really who doesn’t want to be one? It’s cool, it’s fun, it’s exciting. Vanessa Garcia’s “talk” proves it. She begins by opening up about her own acts of rebellion as a teen; from rocking purple hair and piercings at an all-girls private school to leaving her Cuban family and going to college up North. The talk is then transformed as Vanessa begins to narrate a tale of self-discovery and rebellion performed by a group of dancers. The dancers movements and costumes are entrancing; they twirl and sway as their “wings” whip around their bodies.


This is one of the best CreativeMorning talks yet because Vanessa chose to rebel against the idea of the “talk” and made it into a performance… This is really a must watch of the CreativeMornings/Miami series!

How are you a rebel? Share with me!


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