CreativeMornings/Miami: “MAKE” by Denise Jacobs

CreativeMornings/Miami: “MAKE” by Denise Jacobs

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

All photos courtesy of Catalina Ayubi

First off, I would like to thank you guys that have kept up with these CreativeMornings posts!  They have really inspired me along the way and I hope that they have inspired  you too! The next free talk is actually this Friday with Avra Jain on Heritage… There are still spots available so you should sign up HERE. See you Friday!

Now on to the write up… 


You know that feeling of a new idea? The “Aha” moment? When you yell “Eureka!!” Feeeeels good. What about the other end of the spectrum, when you’re in an idea drought? You feel like you’re wracking your brain for that piece of perfect inspiration and it’s just not working? Well this talk will help you out if you’re feeling like you need some creative “inspo.”

Denise Jacobs is someone who has definitely had some awesome ideas to date… She’s a multi-faceted creative; she is a  web genius, writer, and has spoken at SXSW, the BBC and TED (among others) aka I trust what she’s got to say, haha. Denise’s talk is eyeopening, interesting, and fun! Her presentation style is light and playful, despite dropping some serious knowledge about brain waves.

She suggests that you harness your power of creativity, don’t give way to the “noise and clutter,” and look (and listen) inside yourself for ideas. Watch the talk so you too can learn methods to spark your brilliance and create a more fluid creative process!

If you’re craving more inspiring and creative-juice-flowing talks, here are the two TED talks that Denise suggested: “Your Brain on Improv” and “Your Elusive Creative Genius”

What are some techniques that you use to spark creative thought in your work? Do you go for a walk? Do you doodle? Let me know!


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