CreativeMornings/Miami: “Childhood” by Dr. William Murphy Jr.

CreativeMornings/Miami: “Childhood” by Dr. William Murphy Jr.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

All photos courtesy of Catalina Ayubi


Dr. William Murphy has lead a fascinating life. In his talk he gives you a glimpse of his youth and the moments that sparked innovation and invention. The key to Dr. Murphy’s creativity was taking every opportunity he could to learn something new. If he would wonder”How…?” he would find out, through researching or by asking. He would solve problems from how to shovel his father’s 100 ft driveway (by creating a snowblower) to inventing the physiologic pacemaker (Amazing, huh?). He also loves French Bread, so when he had a chance he went and took some baking classes!

From Dr. Murphy’s talk I learned that it’s best to not set boundaries on yourself or what you know. I remember the first CM/Miami speaker, Mike Tomas, mentioning that Dr. Murphy is his mentor and I can say he’s got one of the best out there.


Important take aways:

  • Keep an open mind and learn as much you can because you never know when that knowledge will be useful to you.
  • Focus your career on things you like and enjoy to do.
  • And finally, be responsible for yourself.

Gain insight into an incredible mind with CM/Miami’s “Childhood” talk here!

“There’s so much brilliance in the minds of man…”

This month’s theme is “Heritage” and the Miami chapter’s speaker is Avra Jain… Sign up here! I think it’s going to be pretty awesome!

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