CreativeMornings/Miami: “Bravery” by Mike Tomás

CreativeMornings/Miami: “Bravery” by Mike Tomás

CreativeMornings, The Lab Miami
Tuesday, July 29, 2014

All photos courtesy of Catalina Ayubi

Hey guys! This will be the last weekly installment of the CreativeMornings/Miami posts! From now on I will be posting monthly recap of the talks. I’d like to go ahead and thank Malik for believing in my “writing” talents and the rest of the CreativeMornings/Miami team for working hard to bring such an amazing event to Miami’s growing creative community!

Now on the write-up of the first CM/Miami talk by Mike Tomás!


Mike Tomás’ talk was very appropriate to be our first talk. Mike is an immigrant, like many Miamians, and has been able to achieve success through hard work and dedication. He started working when he was a teen in St. Thomas at KFC and has now successfully launched a series of tech companies and is now the CEO of BioHeart, a revolutionary stem cell medical company. This talk will feed the entrepreneur in you. Mike offers a variety of advise and let’s us in on he has gotten himself to the position he’s in today.

Find out how to jumpstart your mornings, how to find mentors, and be inspired by the bravery of this incredible entrepreneurs story! (Also, Dr. Murphy, from the write-up I did two weeks ago, is one of Mike’s mentors!)

Quick takeaways:

  • Surround yourself with people who ‘know more’ of certain trades than you do. You can benefit from each other’s knowledge.
  • The are two types of entrepreneurs: Replicative (improve on existing ideas or products) and the innovative entrepreneur (create new opportunities). <– You want to be the latter.
  • Wake up early! Stay on top of the game and rise before your competition!
  • Talent creation and talent retention are very important to growing communities.

This last point is a very important lesson that we, the creative community in Miami, can learn and reflect on from this talk. Miami is in a renaissance, in flux, and we can all benefit from it’s ever evolving environment. Miami is creating it’s ‘Heritage’ now… People are taking ownership and affecting neighborhoods, and it’s even seen in architectural moves. When the PAMM opened earlier this year I read about how Herzog and de Meuron took an initiative and designed a building that will serve as the new vernacular for Miami: raised mass on stilts, large overhangs, vertical gardens, permeability… It’s great to see even people from outside of Miami see the value in Miami’s youth and flexibility. Show your pride in Miami and you too can make your mark in this city!

So I leave you with a question,  how you can make your mark and showcase your city with your talents? Or, how are you already doing this? Let me know in a comment below!

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