Bagni della Regina Giovanna

Bagni della Regina Giovanna

Campania, Italy, Sorrento
Sunday, August 02, 2015

A beautiful path.

A secret Cove.

Crystal clear water.

Sounds good doesn’t it? This is what you’ll find at Bagni della Regina Giovanna in Sorrento. Whether you walk there (40 mins) or take the bus (10 mins) getting to this cove is really easy from Sorrento’s centro. Follow via di Capo west for about 30 mins until you reach a church at the bend in the road. There will be a small pedestrian route to the left of it which you follow all the way down to the beach. You’ll be walking down wondering “Okay… what am I getting myself into?” especially when you have to jump a small road block but keep going because before you know it you’ve made it to a perfect, little secret cove. If you’re lucky you might just have the whole place to yourself!

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