Amsterdam Photo Diary

Amsterdam Photo Diary

Amsterdam, Europe, The Netherlands
Sunday, February 08, 2015

First stop on the trip was Amsterdam! All I had ever heard of the city was positive… Beautiful canals and architecture, great museums, and good nightlife. Amsterdam truly delivered! There was always so much to see, and no matter how many times we walked up and down it, we never got tired of walking along the Prinsengracht.

We rented an apartment through AirBNB on Haarlemerstraat, where we were greeted on our first night by sparkling christmas lights and all kinds of cute stores and restaurants. Really a great place to stay because it is very lively, but still quiet so you can get a good nights rest.

I do regret not taking more pictures of the food that we ate… and I must admit it was a lot. Fries were a particular favorite of ours, served in huge paper cones and covered in melted cheese. It was gluttonous and amazing. We also ate plenty ramen, noodle bowls, sushi and hand rolls as well as delicious appeltaart.

We had the best appletaart at Winkel 43, an amazing apple pie covered in a thick layer of crumble… Wow, it was so good we had it twice. Luckily, we basically spent the 5 days in Amsterdam walking and admiring the city so we burned off a couple calories along the way.

After this visit, I can’t wait to get back to Amsterdam, particularly in the spring, or even summer, if it’s not too hot. I feel like I barely got to see anything even after almost a week, so I’ll need to find another five day chunk some time in the next coming years to enjoy this incredible city!

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