4: “Think. Plan. Execute.”

4: “Think. Plan. Execute.”

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Wednesday, June 04, 2014

It’s day four and now we’ve gotten past the hump of being unsure or doubting yourself and your decisions and now it’s time to get to work! Have you been trying to improve your performance at work or school? Do you go to the gym and then realize “what the heck am I going to do today?” When it comes to being productive, sometimes it’s really not the best option to “jump right in.” (We’ll see more about that in tomorrows post.)

When you sit down to do an essay, what are the things you need to begin? First, you need your topic, research, a purpose and ultimate goal for your paper. You are going to end up staring at a blank work processor unless your figure these things out before. Just about everything else works this way.

Next time you get to work and feel like you’re unsure where to begin think of these three steps: (This is very general because I feel it applies to a large variety of tasks)

1. Have a goal and add a timeframe, if that motivates you. What is the purpose of writing this paper? What do you want to show in your portfolio? Why am I at the gym? Envision yourself achieving this goal and proceed to the next step.

2. Gather all the necessary “materials.” Do some research, look up examples that already exist or inspiration images. In terms of something like a workout, find workouts that other people have created online. There are all kinds of resources.

3. Plan it out. Create the framework for success. Once you’ve found the workout, if you’re unsure how to do the moves, watch some youtube videos. Create an outline. For something like baking, lay out all the ingredients next to you workspace so you’re sure you have everything and you are as efficient as possible.

4. Proceed with confidence that you are ready to bust out some awesome work! You have clear goals, all the information/materials that you need to get started and the confidence that you will do a great job!

Now you’re in the right mindset to kickass and get moving!


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