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I’m a big supporter of journaling and jotting down moments and feelings for so so many reasons.

As a person with particularly bad memory, it helps to write about key moments in my life or things that I believe are memorable. How else would I remember the day by day interactions and interpretations of social media posts of my 10th grade crush? I’m kidding… sort of. There are things you just won’t remember about a special trip, event or about someone 5, 10 or 20 years down the road that you’ll love to revisit and share with your friends, family or children.

Journaling has been a part of my life since my tween years, beginning with little notes in sketchbooks and then moving on to special journals just for my end of the day musings.

Admittedly, my journal advances forward the most when I’m crushing on someone or in a relationship… I guess I’m just a romantic.

My goal with sharing this monthly calendar, is to share a practice that I really love and make it a daily habit for myself. Long form journaling hasn’t been so easy for me since I usually journal at night and my life has been a bit hectic lately… as soon as my head hits the pillow I crash. Since I was going to put this together for myself, I thought, “Why don’t I just go ahead and share this with other people?” So here ya go, a lil gift at the beginning of every month!

My goal for this coming year is to record even just a small bit about my day into this calendar!

Stay tuned a couple days before the first of the month for a new design to download and print!

Having trouble thinking of something to jot down or hesitant about actually being able to do this? Here are some topics to inspire you when you take the 30 seconds to 1 minute to fill out your daily thought:

  1. Write down your favorite part of the day. Maybe you had a bomb lunch or a fun walk with your dog.
  2. Did something remarkable happen to you today? Run into an old friend or made a new one. See a shooting star? Write that down!
  3. Nothing special? Share a little about how you feel. Whether you’re happy or a little under the weather, devote a little time to thinking why.
  4. Write about the dream you had last night… I have lots of strange ones which probably deserve at least a sentence recap daily. It’d be funny to look back on that insane dream you had last night.
  5. Maybe you’d like to journal some notes about what you’re grateful for! This would be the quickest and simplest way to reflect on the positive things in life.
  6. Write down a quote that your felt resonated with you on that particular day.
  7. Quick topics off the top of my head: Something embarrassing you did. A funny/terrible joke a coworker told you. A compliment you’d give yourself or that someone gave you. Something shitty that happened (though from experience, it’s better to not write about the bullshi*t, but do you.)

I think the ultimate goal of this is to create something for yourself that you can look back on and think about the past month in these tiny serendipitous moments/thoughts. It’s amazing how one little sentence can open up a whole memory from a couple months back. Maybe it’s just me but I kinda love that feeling. When time is moving so fast and days just get busier and busier, it’s nice to look back and reflect on a great moment.

The key to this is making a routine of writing down your thought of the day. What’s a spot you always visit everyday? Maybe it’s your nightstand so you write it down at the end of the day or on your desk next to the computer. You’ll see the calendar and quickly jot down your memory for the day!

extra tips

  • I highly recommend going ahead and printing your calendar on some thick paper, just so it’s a little bit sturdier than normal copy paper. Or even some colored cardstock to make it extra special. I printed mine on pink paper! If you don’t have any, copy paper will do.
  • Keep a pen nearby. Writing will be extra exciting if it’s a pen you really like.
  • Not a pen person, write in pencil! If you mess up, you can just erase and do it over again. I personally prefer pen because I can’t erase, but everyone has their thing.

I hope some of you guys join me in this! If you do, use the hashtag #30SecondJournal or reach out and let me know how it goes! I’ll be sharing at the end of every month how it’s been for me and share the next month’s calendar design!

In case you missed it, download here!

See you again next month!

x jeanne