30 Hours in Atlanta

30 Hours in Atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Friday, June 10, 2016

Have you ever wanted to see someone so badly you flew to another state (or country) just to spend a couple hours with them? I have to say I’m guilty of doing this on multiple occasions. This time I flew to another state to actually see someone I’ve never met but have been committed to for a couple years. Alright, no, I haven’t been in a secret online relationship for the last year, I actually went for a concert to see JMSN. I’ve been so about him for so long and I couldn’t believe he wasn’t coming to Miami on his tour and I said, screw it, I’ll fly to see him.

I thought about going to Austin or Detroit, but the cheapest flights were to Atlanta and I had a friend who was cool enough to let me stay at his place for the night. Oh yeah, I landed in Atlanta Saturday morning and left Saturday afternoon at 4. Hahahaha, a lil crazy, huh? Well honestly, if you ever have a chance like this I honestly say GO FOR IT!

A huge part of the success was my friend who recently adopted the city as “his city” and showed me all the cool spots.

Now Atlanta is in a huge process of change involving all kinds of urban renewal and development of way awesome things like the Belt Line and Ponce City Market. Atlanta is so hip it almost hurts, but it doesn’t seem like most people have caught on to this.

Now while I don’t take any credit for discovering these places, I have to thank my grateful host for the awesome cliff notes tour of the city, I highly recommend checking all of these places out!


Krog Street Market

This was our first stop ’cause it was lunch time and I was huuuungry. This building used to be a mattress factory and now its a food hall. It’s kind of like Chelsea Market and there are so many awesome options here. We went with the middle eastern joint, Yalla, and I had an amazing laffa falafel.

The BeltLine

Linear parks are popping up all over (Even Miami, can you believe it?) and Atlanta is no exception. The BeltLine is being built along an old train track (NY inspo again) and currently wraps around maybe a 1/6th of the city. It’s being built in phases, so when it’s done it’ll create a whole perimeter around the central Atlanta. The parts that are already completed are attracting really great event spaces and dining that you can visit while you stroll in the park. Actually, the next spot we visited is a key stop on the BeltLine…

Ponce City Market

This place is awesome. So, this is a repurposed Sears factory and showroom that was used as a civic building for about a decade and only 10% of the building was actually used. Imagine these grand oversized factory floors just laying to waste? What a shame. Well, in come some developers and investors and turned it into one of the best spots in the city. There are retail spaces, offices, a huge food hall with all kinds of great stuff to try and some of the most expensive flats in all of Atlanta.

We tried a couple things at the market: fried chicken at Hop’s Chicken, a gin-spiked King of Pops cocktail, and some of the weirdest (but still delicious?) drinks ever at Bellina.

Paris on Ponce

Antique furniture, vintage clothes, and hand made goods all under one roof aka I was in heaven.

The Masquerade

I love venues that offer an intimate experience with the performer and that’s exactly what you get at masquerade. Cool industrial vibe and great sound. If you’re in town, I suggest checking who will be performing there.

Octane Coffee: Grant Park

I’m not much of a coffee drinker but I can’t deny the vibes at this place AND the pastries were on point.


A couple minutes from central Atlanta, there is a small town called Decatur. Decatur is precious. Decatur is chill. And my friend took me to the cutest cafe where I can just picture some awesome live poetry reading going down and open mic.


Right on the BeltLine there are all kinds of eateries, but for our Sunday morning brunch we chose Parish. I loved the light and airy space as well as the eclectic decor and, man, was the food good. I took the plunge and had my first Blood Mary here. Everything the group ordered looked so good, but I went with a bacon stuffed waffles and it did not dissapoint. I wish I could have some right now. Mmmm.


In summary: Atlanta is a pretty cool place that I don’t see many people taking the chance to visit. It is definitely going through a period of transition, and the city has its rough patches, but it is very approachable and worth a visit. You’ll eat well, enjoy the southern charm, and if you come back in a year I’m sure it’ll feel like new with all the change going on.

I’ll definitely be back soon.

Check out the pics below and more travel posts here!


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