1st Week Back

1st Week Back

Europe, Genoa, Italy, Liguria
Wednesday, September 17, 2014

And what a week it’s been! Despite drama of a lost bag (that was eventually found), we’ve gotten an amazing introduction to the city, visited Turin, took a boat along the coast, sketched, and visited a couple museums.

If you saw my last post, you would have seen that we (the study abroad group) went on a boat trip along the riviera. We had such beautiful clear skies, and got to see some of the most picturesque towns in Italy.

The class also took a trip out to Nervi, a town about 15 minutes by train from Genoa’s main urban area, to visit the Wolfsoniana. Nervi used to be a resort town. and has a beautiful park and walkway along the coast. The coast is dotted with restaurants, small private beaches, and huge rocks to lay out on.

This weekend there was a fair at the port, and it included a lot of food stands. One that particularly caught my attention had a 40 person line and I was reallly interested to see what they were serving. I later realized that it was a foccacia stand that I had actually tried the last time I was in Genoa. It’s a traveling focacette stand, where they serve fried dough stuffed with whatever you want: stracchino, prociutto, salame, fichi, or nutella. I made sure to tell everyone in the group about it because it’s one of the best foccacia I’ve ever had.

That poor foccacette could barely stand a chance against my hunger. Seriously amazing. Freshly made, nice and warm, and really fresh cheese and meats. How bad can that be?

We also went to Turin, the capital of the Piedmonte region of Italy. The city is very refined, very clean, and veryy different from Genoa.

We got this incredible view from the Museo Nazionale del Cinema, a great place to visit on it’s own, but this view is a must-see.

After exploring, we were starving and decided to have dessert before dinner. This was probably the best gelato, or technically sorbet, I’ve ever had. I got sorbetto di uva (grape sprbet) over fior de latte (vanilla). It tasted like those ice cream filled popsicles we all had as kids… but 100 times better. The best part? A small serving is actually huge, in my opinion, and is only 2 Euro. We set out to look for agnelloti, a type of ravioli typical of the Piedmont region, that is stuff with roast beef and vegetables. I chose to have it with some Noci (walnut) sauce, but my friend tried a truffle sauce that was amazing.

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